Plate rectangle vintage bird

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  • Material: Porcelain
  • Size: 20.5x12x2cm
Due to the different printing techniques required for different items (e.g. teapots or plates), design may have slight variations in colour or vibrancy across product range.
This is not the conventional blue and Porcelain motif. Plate Rect Vintage Bird features pastel features a combination of graceful birds with soft pastel tones perched on pretty flowers. This charming product will draw eyes wherever it is placed. Use this vintage bird-inspired design to bring your space to life.

This little tray adds a bit of charm to the modern and rustic space. It is conveniently for use to hold teacups with silverware on the side. Spice things up by serving snacks, a pile of cookies, or sliced fruits to the guest. This deluxe presentation will enthral guests and also make a lasting impression. Plate Rect Vintage Bird is a beautiful portable platter to keep the kitchen counter clutter-free. Organize condiments and spice jars on this plate to minimize the visual mess. Put a tray on the nightstand filled with nuts and chocolate for midnight snacking. For a grand statement, you will look it paired with a complementing collection of teacup or bowl.